Discover the functions that help you easily monitor each device

Follow-up of the water intake and supervision

This tab allows you to create and then manage the identity of the horses and their characteristics: date of birth, owner, sex, place in the stable, etc.

This tab allows you to follow in real time the water intake and the drinking behaviour of each horse. The diagram above shows the water intake hour by hour in the course of the last 48 hours and the diagram below displays the intake history.
This tab holds two subtabs: Volume Drunk and Drinking Frequency.

This tab allows to show the alarms in real time whenever there is an under-consumption of water by the animals, when the identity of the animals has changed and in case of communication problems within the system. This tab holds two subtabs: Identity and Drinking.

This tab allows you to follow in real time the ambient conditions (temperature and relative humidity) inside the buildings that are equipped with weather sensors. The maximum day temperature (a parameter that strongly influences the amount of water taken in) is shown in the diagram representing the water intake history.


Management of the Water Intake

The amount of water taking in by the animals can be restricted.

The available water volume can be controlled during a certain period for example before a training session.

IMPORTANT: This function is only available on waterers equipped with a solenoid valve (optional). When the authorised water volume is reached, the solenoid valve closes until the end of the indicated duration.

SAFETY: In case of a power failure and/or communication failure with the computer lasting more than 30 minutes, the solenoid valves open to allow the horses to drink.

You can program the data collection to stop during the absence of a horse. The diary function allows you to be informed of events.

Data Storage

All information transmitted from each waterer to the electronic board is transmitted to the software module and stored in a data base.

This data base can be exported for further and more thorough analysis.